On March 5th 2015, It Works finally shared an energy drink with a healthy direction. Instead of stuffing you full of sugar like the top selling energy drinks, the It Works Energy Drink finally gives you a balance of both. Better yet, it does it without using high fructose corn syrup! The substitute? Crystalline fructose.


Finally, there’s an energy drink that will not make me crash 2 hours after I’ve had it! What’s the point of a drink that is high in sugar and bad for my heart such as Redbull and Monster? These other energy drink only spike your blood sugar and force your heart to work hard in a short period of time. That cant be too good for you.

Benefits of the It Works Energy Drink:

  • The It Works Energy Drink contains ONLY 100 calories.
  • It slowly disperses the energy so it’s sustained over a longer period of time.
  • Vitamin B, helps the brain function better
  • Taste great! (like pears with a little kick)

What other energy drink has other benefits besides the energy part? If there are, I haven’t been told or everyone has been hiding this information from me.

It Works has provided a popular product and approached it from a different angle. A healthy angle! That’s a first! I can drink theĀ It Works Energy Drink without feeling guilty or feeling like I’m sticking my tongue in a jar of sugar.

No jittery feeling.

No crashing feeling.

Hopefully this review helps. If you’re into energy drinks you should really give this a try. The company’s goal is to provide healthy products and I’m positive they’ve designed a unique and healthier energy drink.


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